Big Bend Ultra

2022 January 16th


Print a Registration Form, and mail it in or bring it. Early registration is better.

Big Bend Ranch State Park

Register in Advance
We don’t have a cap on the runner count (yet) but we do have to plan our aid stations, and extra runners means extra resources that have to be brought in from far away, or cooked, or screen printed … and deployed in the the days before the run by our volunteers. Dozens of water jugs, electrolyte, snacks, … Registering in advance is the best way.

Start & Finish
All share the start and finish at the Barton Warnock Visitor Center at Big Bend Ranch State Park a mile from Lajitas. Plenty of parking, but not right at the visitor center. Very close by.

Low in the mid 30’s, high in the 60’s. Can be colder or warmer.
Note that part of the course gains elevation, and will be colder.
See more about weather.

Saturday Lunch
Diners and restaurants in the area.

Saturday Pre Race Dinner
Pre race meal @ the Starlight theatre 4:30 pm $20 includes tip, tax. Buffett pasta, chicken & prima vera sauces.

Post Race Meal
Post race meal beginning about 11:15 am at Barton Warnock Center for all paid runners and the volunteers. Guests will be able to purchase. Great food.

Packet Pickup – Saturday 1/15/2022
During the day, packets will be available at Barton Warnock Center from 10 am to 4:30 pm, then at the pre race meal until 7:30 pm.  Packets will also be available at the start on Sunday morning, but make sure to double check start times.

Start Times – Sunday Morning 1/16/22

50M  5:30 am – cutoff 15hrs. – 8:30pm
50K  7:30 am
30K  8:00 am
20K  8:30 am
10K  9:00 am

Course Cutoff Time
The cutoff time provides for an 18 minute per mile pace, required in order to finish safely.

Resources for Runners
A little bit of information on desert running

Apparel & Equipment to Bring
Hat/Cap, gloves, long sleeve shirt, tights if cold-natured, sunscreen, sunglasses, body-glide, shell (running jacket), and a hydration pack, waist pack with at 12-20oz bottle for hydration between aid stations at 5 miles apart, and your personal food/energy items to put in your waist pack.

Bring Your Own Cup
Aid stations will not provide disposable cups.

Aid Stations & Food
Water and electrolytes by Hammer Nutrition will be available so you can refill your hydration bottles or cup. Snacks both salty and sweet will be at each station. And helpful volunteers. See the map page for elevation and route.

You can drive and park within 100yds of the start/finish. Do not try and park at the race start area. Way too much going on, and there isn’t much space. TPWD cordons off parking spaces at the visitor center for the visitors that must come to sign in to enter the park, so event participants should park in the designated area.

Course Maps
The routes are now on a map.

50K Course
Those up for their 1st official “Ultra” can navigate this 31 miles course through the Fresno Creek drainage + single track beauty. Climbing 1000′ to halfway point and back down to the finish line. Technical parts of the route utilize foot-eye skills, creek sand, creek xing’s and smooth sections. This course is moderately fast.

50M Course
This is a combined run – first the 50K, then the 30K. You’ll get to experience a lot of geography and geology of the park first hand.


Barton Warnock Center
Hwy 170 up the road from Lajitas one mile.


Pre Race Dinner at Starlight Theatre in Terlingua