Volunteers are the keys to a great event.

You will find volunteers at registration, over a hot stove, dishing up food in a serving line, making sure aid stations are ready and waiting for runners, operating HAM radios for communication, running shuttles, setting up the course, tearing down the course and waving goodbye to runners as they depart and volunteers begin cleanup. Contact the race directors to volunteer.

We also need experienced mountain bikers as volunteers to help with trail setup, tear down and safety patrol.  If you are good with a full day of  trails (not terribly tough, but requires fitness and experience) it’s a fantastic place to ride.  You must be able to take care of your own flats etc. and other gear.   To volunteer, contact Charlie Angell at charles@angellexpeditions.com

It sounds tough (and it can be), but volunteers love the work. No matter what your talent or capabilities, if you want to volunteer, we can find a job for you.

Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation and lodging.

It’s alot of fun, and runners who aren’t ready for an Ultra can get some first hand experience in this event.

All volunteers must be able to read, write and speak English, and Spanish fluency is much appreciated since we have runners from Mexico and South America.